Industrial wind sensor 0-10V & 4-20mA product description

Instromet 0-10V wind sensor
Industrial wind sensor

There are a number of different applications for the Instromet industrial wind sensor. They are typically connected to a PLC to enable control of ancillary electrical equipment in higher wind conditions. Please see more details of ‘where used’ and ‘typical applications’ below. There are multiple other applications for these wind sensors and please contact us for more details and to let us know where you use your wind sensor.

0-10V wind speed & direction sensor – part no. 357 1000 005

0-10V wind speed & direction sensor DIN rail case – part no. 357 1000 010

4-20mA wind speed & direction sensor – part no. 357 1000 001

4-20mA wind speed & direction sensor DIN rail case – part no. 357 1000 008

Wind sensor – where used

  • Building Maintenance Systems.
  • As part of a weather monitoring system.
  • Wind turbine site testing & control applications.
  • Ventilation and air extraction systems.
  • With structures and equipment vulnerable to high winds (aerials, awnings, etc).
  • Windows, vents and skylights.
  • With inflatable structures (such as tennis courts).
  • Plaza fountains.
  • Roller shutter doors and electric gates.
  • Numerous other processing plant, factory, industrial and commercial sites.

Typical applications.

(Note the Instromet wind switch can also be used for many of these applications where a PLC is not available).

  • Building Maintenance Systems (BMS) to switch on fans, open vents and control equipment.
  • Measuring and recording wind speeds & directions for real-time monitoring, historical recording & site assessment.
  • Suitability site testing for wind turbines.
  • Ventilation and air extraction systems – switching fans on/off, switching opening & closing vents, etc.
  • Signalling lowering mechanism on aerials and opening & closing awnings.
  • Closing roller shutter doors, gates, windows and skylights in higher winds.
  • Operating fans on inflatable structures (such as tennis courts) to make them safe in high winds.
  • Operating reducing pump pressure on plaza fountains in high winds.
  • Numerous other safety applications, control and operational applications.

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